Jacy Topps

Journalist & Essayist

Jacy Topps is a journalist and essayist. You can find her byline at VICE, InStyle, Glamour, Oprah Magazine, Bitch Media, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, INTO, Slate Magazine, MUNCHIES, BUST Magazine, and Huffington Post. She has built her career as a journalist covering everything from race and food to LGBTQ topics. In addition to reporting on the intersection of culture, news and feminism, Jacy writes compelling narrative essays. She has interviewed a variety of celebrities, including Gloria Steinem, the Indigo Girls and Janet Mock. When she is not writing about food, politics, fashion or feminism, she is searching for the best wine bar in the city or binging on Lifetime movies.



Wine Enthusiast Magazine

How to Pair Rosé with Steak | Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Nothing is quite like a perfectly grilled steak and a glass of wine. However, when the two are paired, we tend to default to the old "red wine with red meat" rule. The thought...

Oprah Magazine

Why the Holidays Are Much Better Spent Alone

During my first Thanksgiving in New York City eight years ago, I was so broke that I didn't even have money to purchase a Greyhound bus ticket to Atlanta to be with my family. I...


Turning 40 is Hard. Turning 40 As a Black Woman is Harder.

"I may never accomplish what my white friends accomplish or have the same things. Black women don't have the same opportunities."


I'm Choosing My Next Therapist by Race-Here's Why

"Black people don't do therapy; we go to church" is a statement I'd heard countless times in my community. We didn't discuss mental health so much in my family either. And when...

Bitch Media (Pleasure Issue)

SNAP Restrictions Are Penalties For Poverty


Revenge Can Destroy You - Member Feature Stories - Medium

I've been consumed with getting revenge on those who've wronged me for years. I'm not talking about the Lifetime movie kind of revenge, where people are pushed off cliffs or...

INTO: A Digital Magazine for The Modern Queer World

Why Equality in Queer Relationships Could Look Different


How I Learned to Love Wine Again After Being Sexually Assaulted

Photo: Getty Images / Fertnig Before I was assaulted, I loved wine. I would say my relationship with wine might even have bordered on a minor obsession. Before I started my...

Unearth Women

What the Legalization Of Marijuana Means For Canadian Women | Unearth Women

Despite the lack of women in leadership, it has been women leading the fight within the cannabis movement in Canada, particularly the medical marijuana market. The first medical...

Time Out New York

I Used Threesomes To See Fancy Ass Apartments

Annual Sex Issue

On Our Moon

I Ended A 20-Year Friendship | On Our Moon

Her family treated me like one of their own. It was Sandra's mother who put me on birth control, and Sandra's cousins who invited me to their weddings and graduations. I...

Man Repeller

The Problem With Relationship Goals

I spent most of my teenage and young-adult years worrying about what other people thought of my choices: my clothes, my hair, my eating habits, my job, my relationships....

Slate Magazine

In the Battle to Keep Same-Sex Marriage Visible, "Partner" Can Get in the Way

Edith Windsor and Thea Spyer were together for 40 years before they married in 2007. When Spyer died in 2009 Windsor, was ordered to pay $363,000 in estate taxes because of a...


How We Turn Those Revolutionary Women's Marches Into A Political Movement

It was the protest that was heard around the world. The day after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President, millions of people marched in protest against his presidency...


Stop Telling People It Will Be Okay Because For Many, It Won't Be

"It's just an election. Why are you people so angry?" "Get over it. Your side lost. Everything will be okay. It's just an election" "Move on. You will be okay." These were the...


What Makes Art Feminist? Janet Mock And The Brooklyn Museum Weigh In

Overcoming obstacles, redefining their fields, taking risks and creating spaces for others are what defines a trailblazer. Honoring women who make significant impact on the...

The Billfold

Confessions Of A Former Wine Snob

Including the role Trader Joe's played in my reformation Autumn is upon us. As the weather cools, the breeze softens and the leaves fall, serious wine drinkers usually turn in...

Posture Magazine

Afropunk Black Girl Magic: The Face of Breast Cancer Awareness

Two years ago, Ericka Hart, a 30 year-old sexuality educator was diagnosed with breast cancer. To raise awareness and provide visibility for Black queer women who are battling...


Angela Davis And Black Lives Matter: Why My Feminism Is Intersectional

I was once asked to finish the statement My feminism is.... It didn't take me long to come up with an answer. I'm a gay, black women. My feminism is intersectional. Whether you...